Welcome to Pat & The Elephant. Accessible Transportation Since 1975.


Pat and the Elephant offers transportation across Prince Edward Island and thought out the Maritimes.

Pat and the Elephant offers transportation for individuals with mobility issues. Our services include transfers for people who use wheelchairs and non-emergency stretcher calls.

Wheelchairs and stretchers (non-emergency) are provided upon request. Please contact Pat and the Elephant at 902-894-3339.

The following prices are for Wheelchair Transportation:
As of May 1, 2024

$15.00 within the Greater Charlottetown, Cornwall & Stratford area (one way)

$2.30/km outside the Greater Charlottetown area

$40.00 hospital/nursing home transfer (one way)

$40.00 airport (one way)

$35.00/hour per driver waiting time

$275.00 Transportation Card

$130.00/hour Tour Service in Greater Charlottetown

 $130.00/hour Tour for Cruise ship (50% deposit payment upfront, no refund for cancellation) 


The following prices are for NON-EMERGENCY STRETCHER transportation:

Stretcher services Greater Charlottetown: $175.00/1 way

Stretcher services outside Charlottetown: $175.00/1 way + $3.00/km


Pat and the Elephant are able to accommodate 3 wheelchairs + 4 walkers + driver on all tours.

If looking for a group rate, or if you have any questions about the above-listed prices. Please contact Pat and The Elephant at 902-894-3339.



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