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Board Of Directors

Board of Directors meetings are held 10 times a year, and the meetings are held at the Pat and the Elephant office in Charlottetown. The Annual General Meeting is held in June, at a location determined by the Board.

Back Row from left to right: Margaret Shanahan, Blair Thompson, Greg Peters, Sharon Anderson, Clair Kelly, Blythe Murray, Angela Boudreau
Front Row from left to right: Sharon Fleming, Lesley Nelson
Missing from photo: Jeremy Coffin, Halbert Pratt, Charlotte Stewart, Marilyn Whitney

Pat and the Elephant Board of Directors

– Blythe Murray

Vice President – Charlotte Stewart

Past President – Blair Thompson

Treasurer – Greg Peters

Secretary  – Sharon Anderson

                   – Angela Boudreau

Legal Counsel – Jeremy Coffin

Members at Large  – Sharon Fleming
                                  – Claire Kelly
                                  – Lesley Nelson
                                  – Marilyn Whiteway

Managers    – Halbert Pratt

–                    – Margaret Shanahan

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